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The introduction of the Education Hub is new and exciting but like all new arrangements it takes time for users to understand how to navigate the system.

Here are some FAQs to help you on your way


How do I enrol on to the Diploma Programme using the Education Hub?

  • Go to webpage: https://educationhub.gai.org.uk/
  • Click on the Stage of learning you wish to enrol on
  • Select your membership status, then, Enrol Now button
  • In the pop up box there are two options:
    1. Already registered? (if you have registered already as a new user to browse the Hub)
      Click to login and follow steps.
    2. Not already registered? (new user)
      Click here to register
      Complete the learner information blank boxes, accept terms and conditions and security question.
      Select payment method
      Payment online (paypal account, debit/credit card) or Invoice. (If you choose payment by invoice, the educational material will not be released until payment is received).

I don’t have a Manager, but, it won’t allow me to leave blank?

  • All fields must be completed, as this information is used to keep your Manager informed of your progress. If you do not have a Manager, please enter your own details.

How do I edit my profile details?

  • Choose Profile tab
  • Select sub heading Account
  • Edit fields you wish to amend
  • Finally click Save

How do I edit my Manager details?

  • Manager details can only be edited by The Manager
  • Email education@gai.org.uk if you leave the business.

How do enrol for Fast Track, I can't find this option on The Education Hub?

  • You should purchase both Stages 1 and 2.
  • Proceed through both stages in the normal way and complete all of the Block Assessments
  • You will be required to take the examination for both stages on the same day in June.

Is there a discount if I Fast Track Stage 1 and 2?

  • There is no discount.

I have selected and paid for the wrong membership type?

I took my Level 2 exam in 2010, can I enrol for Stage 3?

  • The GAI’s policy is that a learner can have a period of deferral between stages of a maximum of 3 years. If a gap in learning exceeds 3 years then the learner would need to enrol on Stage 1 and start again.

What dates are the Residential Training Courses?

  • Please see the GAI Prospectus for 2015/16 here

How do I book a residential training course for Stage 2 or Stage 3?

  • Please email education@gai.org.uk confirming which course you wish to attend and the nights you will be staying.

I cannot see my learning material?

  • If payment has been made, and, you are logged in, please select Content from the two sub-headings, then, all modules will be found here. If you cannot view the modules please email: education@gai.org.uk to resolve.

I have a user error code 404?

I have forgotten my username and password?

  • Please provide the email address you registered on The Education Hub to education@gai.org.uk, we will send you a reset password email which will also detail your user name.

I am enrolling 10 employees and want to pay one invoice with one order number, how do I do this?

I am having problems accessing The Education Hub – education@gai.org.uk.

I am a RegAI and don’t understand how to access the CPD course work for 2015?

  • A welcome email was sent in July/Aug with login details. If this has been misplaced, the user name will be capital letter of your first name initial followed by capital letter of full surname, example: RTipton. Click forgot your password, and, a new one will be sent by email to enable you access.

Do I use my previous user name or password to register on the Hub?

  • Because this is a new training platform, please create a new user profile and password.

I have a query regarding www.gai.org.uk website, who do I need to contact?


For any further questions please email: education@gai.org.uk


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